Maine Revised Statutes

§2512. Annual returns to Superintendent of Insurance

Every domestic life insurance company shall include in its annual return to the Superintendent of Insurance a statement of the amount of premiums and annuity considerations liable to taxation as provided in section 2513, and of the real estate held by it on the 31st day of the previous December, showing in detail the amount of all premiums including annuity considerations whether in cash or notes absolutely payable, received by the company from residents of this State during the preceding calendar year and all dividends paid to policyholders in this State on account of the premiums or annuity considerations as required by blanks furnished by the superintendent. The taxes provided by section 2513 shall be paid as provided in section 2521-A, and this section and section 2518 shall be applicable thereto. [1985, c. 783, §10 (AMD).]

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