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LD 538 Amendment Review
LD 1216 MRS Proposed Amendment
LD 1216 MRS Summary Chart
Bill Chart PH 4/14/2021
LD 953 Sponsor Proposed Amendment
130th Taxation Committee Calendar-2021
LD 897 Sponsor Proposed Amendment
Major Business HQ's Expansion Credit
The Shipbuilding Facility Investment Credit
The Major Food Processing & Manufacturing Facility Expansion Credit
3-24-21 GOC category schedule review
LD 950 3/23/21 Fiscal Note
LD 229 2-3-21 Fiscal Note
LD 191 Amendment Review
LD 141 Amendment Review
LD 412 AMD Review
LD 328 AMD Review
3-26-21 LD 23 Information provided by FAME
Materials submitted by Maine Preservation 3/25/21
LD 611 PCA Rep. Rudnicki
LD 731 PCA Sen. Stewart
Bill Chart WS 3/23/21
Report Back Template 3/23/2021
Biennial Budget Chart 3/23/2021
LD 217 MRS Materials
Committee Chart-3/18/21 WS
Committee Chart-3/18/21 PH
3/16/2021 LD 168 Sponsor Proposed Amendment
3/4/2021 Bill Chart (WS)
2/23/2021 MRS Proposed Amendment LD 146
3/2/2021 OFPR Compendium RETT
3/2/2021 MRS Chart LD 141
3/2/2021 MRS Proposed Amendment LD 141
Biennial Budget Chart 2/25/2021
Biennial Budget Tax Provisions FY22-23
2/18/2021 WS DAFS Response to PH Questions
Slides for TAX Tax Review Process Presentation - FEB 2021
Tax Review Links - Jan 2021
2-9-2021 Attachment B - Tax Conformity Change Package Language [2-4 Update] PPP
Maine Board of Tax Appeals 2-3-2021
01/28/2021 Supplemental Budget Chart
01/2/2021 Ashcroft Info on Revenue Sharing
supplemental budget change chart 1-26-22 (002)
Supplemental Budget-TAX Provisions
1/21/2021 Orientation Materials from Maine Revenue Services
2020 Expedited Tax Expenditure Review Report
BETR BETE - Final Report
Record of Government Oversight Committee Discussions of OPEGA’s BETR & BETE Report
Testimony - 02-28-20 (MCIC)
Testimony - updated 03-16-20 - (BETR and BETE)
Record of Government Oversight Committee Discussions of OPEGA’s MCIC Report
Memo to Taxation Committee Regarding BETR-BETE MCIC
Expedited Transmittal letter
TAX Agenda 1-19-2021
Taxation Agenda 01/21/2021
Taxation Committee Orientation 1/19/2021