HP1325 Second Regular Session - 124th Maine Legislature
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LR 2667
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Bill Tracking Chamber Status


WHEREAS,  every day, men and women along Maine’s coast leave safe harbors to go and fish for the diverse array of species with which the Gulf of Maine has been blessed; and

WHEREAS,  lobstermen, ground fishermen, shrimpers, scallopers, sea urchin harvesters and others set out each day to pursue their livelihoods in a challenging and often treacherous environment; and

WHEREAS,  sadly, there are inevitably some who do not return home. Commercial fishing is one of the most dangerous occupations one can pursue, and even the most experienced fisherman can fall victim to treacherous conditions; and

WHEREAS,  46 of Maine’s commercial fishermen have been tragically lost at sea since 1993, when a tradition of memorializing these individuals was begun at the Maine Fishermen’s Forum to ensure that they are not forgotten; and

WHEREAS,  the Maine Fishermen’s Forum is a long-standing Maine institution dedicated to educating the public, fishing industry members and managers about marine resource issues and providing a neutral platform for constructive discussion and decision-making; and

WHEREAS,  the loss of these brave and hard-working men reverberated through their communities and altered the lives of their family members forever. We acknowledge their passing with deep regret and express our sympathy to all who knew and loved them; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED: That We, the Members of the One Hundred and Twenty-fourth Legislature now assembled in the Second Regular Session, on behalf of the people we represent, take this opportunity to honor the memory of the Maine men who lost their lives in pursuit of their livelihood from the sea:
Name Home Port Date lost at sea
Carroll MacLean March 24, 1993
Donald Costain Newagen August 19, 1993
Thomas Schwartz Harpswell August 31, 1993
Matthew Rice Jonesport October 16, 1993
David Maxwell Biddeford November 3, 1993
Ronald Haskell Little Deer Isle November 11, 1993
Christopher Caramihalis January 14, 1994
Jerry Moody Roque Island March 7, 1995
Roy Hutchins Petit Manan Point September 9, 1995
David Fahey Bailey Island March 19, 1996
Milton Anthony Roque Bluff July 29, 1996
Joseph Smith October 15, 1997
Lewis Green Mt. Desert February 6, 1999
James Huntley Jonesport August 9, 1999
Winfred Alley Great Wass Island August 16, 1999
Paul Wood Jericho Bay August 20, 1999
Allen Ayers Mackerel Cove October 19, 1999
Larry Rich Raymond January 25, 2000
Harry Ross Raymond January 25, 2000
Geoffrey Martin Freeport June 6, 2000
Sean McDougall Freeport June 6, 2000
David Stortz Rockland August 29, 2000
Carlyle Minott October 24, 2000
Dawson Allen Jonesport December 14, 2000
Michael Laytart Jonesport December 14, 2000
Dwayne Smith Jonesport December 14, 2000
Edgar Mcleod Portland January 19, 2001
Mark Doughty Rockland August 5, 2001
Thomas Fronteiro Rockland August 5, 2001
James Sanfilippo Rockland August 5, 2001
Frank Parker Bailey Island March 23, 2003
Philbert Buteau Bar Harbor April 14, 2003
Roy Bickford October 13, 2003
Gary Thorbjornson Port Clyde July 14, 2005
Steven Smith Hollis September 13, 2006
James Weaver Port Clyde November 26, 2006
Sean Cone Bar Harbor January 31, 2007
Daniel Miller Bar Harbor January 31, 2007
Byron Gross Little Deer Isle October 26, 2007
Christopher Whittaker Matinicus Island October 27, 2008
Loren Lank Roque Bluffs March 25, 2009
Logan Preston Roque Bluffs March 25, 2009
Joseph Jones Lubec October 21, 2009
Darryl Cline Lubec October 21, 2009
Norman Johnson Lubec October 21, 2009
Christopher Hanahann Harpswell December 31, 2009


; and be it further

RESOLVED: That suitable copies of this resolution, duly authenticated by the Secretary of State, be transmitted to the Maine Fishermen's Forum.

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