LD 829
Session - 129th Maine Legislature
S "A", Filing Number S-309, Sponsored by Libby
LR 464
Item 5
Bill Tracking, Additional Documents Chamber Status

Amend the resolve in section 1 by striking out all of subsection 2 (page 2, lines 6 to 11 in L.D.) and inserting the following:

2. Appointments; chair; meetings. All appointments must be made no later than 30 days following the effective date of this resolve. The first-named Senate member is the Senate chair and the first-named House member is the House chair of the commission, who shall call and convene the first meeting of the commission no later than 30 days after appointments of all members. The commission may hold up to 6 meetings, which, at the discretion of the chairs, may include public hearings.’


This amendment changes the method of appointing the commission chairs so as to conform with Joint Rule 353.

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