Directory of Papers
LD 1000 - 1199

LD 1000, SP0345
An Act To Protect Maine Consumers
LD 1001, SP0346
An Act To Improve Laws Governing Financial Disclosure by Legislators and Certain Public Employees and Public Access to Information Disclosed
LD 1002, HP0700
An Act Regarding the Required Local Contribution in the School Funding Formula
LD 1003, HP0701
Resolve, To Establish the Commission To Study Accessibility and Affordability of Higher Education
LD 1004, HP0702
An Act To Clarify Voting Procedures for Standard Water Districts
LD 1005, HP0703
An Act To Assist Hunters Transporting Animals for Registration
LD 1006, HP0704
An Act To Clarify Transparency of Medical Provider Profiling Programs Used by Insurance Companies and Other Providers of Health Insurance
LD 1007, HP0705
An Act Relating to Precious Metal Coins
LD 1008, HP0706
An Act To Assess a Fine on a Person Who Provides Misinformation on a Primary Candidate's Consent Form
LD 1009, HP0707
An Act Concerning Fertilizer and Lime Products
LD 1010, HP0708
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Ensure Clean Water
LD 1011, HP0709
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Upgrade Facilities and Purchase Classroom Equipment for Maine's Seven Community Colleges
LD 1012, HP0710
An Act Regarding Automated Calls
LD 1013, HP0711
An Act To Create the Wireless Information Act
LD 1014, HP0712
An Act To Improve Law Enforcement Access to Prescription Monitoring Program Data
LD 1015, HP0713
An Act To Expand Crossbow Hunting
LD 1016, HP0714
An Act Regarding the Buying and Selling of Animal Parts
LD 1017, HP0715
An Act Relating to Employee Leasing Company Registration
LD 1018, HP0716
An Act Regarding Preneed Funeral Insurance
LD 1019, HP0717
An Act To Protect the State's Property Rights in Maine State Museum Research
LD 1020, HP0718
An Act Regarding the Swans Island Lobster Fishing Zone
LD 1021, HP0719
An Act To Establish as a Public Record the Performance Evaluation of a Municipal Employee
LD 1022, HP0721
An Act To Improve Training Requirements for Obtaining a Concealed Handgun Permit
LD 1023, SP0347
An Act To Provide Transparency in Fund-raising by and Lobbying of a Governor-elect
LD 1024, SP0349
An Act To Enhance Enforcement of the Mandatory Reporting of Abuse and Neglect
LD 1025, SP0350
An Act To Amend the Law Pertaining to Staff in the Office of the Attorney General
LD 1026, SP0351
An Act To Amend the Charter of the Ashland Water and Sewer District
LD 1027, HP0722
An Act To Provide an Improved Process for Voter Approval of Withdrawal from a Regional School Unit
LD 1028, HP0723
Resolve, Authorizing a Visual Impact Assessment of Roxbury Pond and Webb Lake
LD 1029, HP0724
Resolve, Directing the Department of Health and Human Services To Amend Its Rules Pertaining to a Request for Mental Health Records
LD 1030, HP0725
An Act To Require That Electronic Benefits Transfer System Cash Benefits Are Used for the Purpose for Which the Benefits Are Provided
LD 1031, HP0726
An Act To Require a Mandatory Peer Review Process for the Restraint and Seclusion of Children in a Hospital or Children's Home
LD 1032, HP0727
Resolve, To Direct the Department of Health and Human Services To Convene a Task Force To Study the Incidence of Cancer in the State
LD 1033, HP0728
An Act To Help the Unemployed Find Work
LD 1034, HP0729
An Act To Increase Child Support Collections by Requiring the Interception of Certain Gambling Winnings
LD 1035, HP0730
An Act To Report Certain Information in Response to Growing Financial Inequality
LD 1036, HP0731
An Act To Amend the Social Work Education Loan Repayment Program
LD 1037, HP0732
An Act To Provide Access to Affordable Health Care for All Maine Residents by 2020
LD 1038, SP0352
An Act To Make the State's Uniform Commercial Code Compatible with the Federal Electronic Fund Transfer Act
LD 1039, SP0353
An Act To Promote Regulatory Fairness
LD 1040, SP0354
An Act To Prohibit the Placement of Cameras and Electronic Surveillance Equipment on Private Property without the Written Permission of the Landowner
LD 1041, SP0355
An Act To Modify the Mandatory Enforcement of the Maine Uniform Building and Energy Code for a Municipality without a Building Code
LD 1042, SP0359
An Act To Increase the Opportunities for Taste-testing Events for On-premises Liquor Licensees
LD 1043, HP0734
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue and To Assist in the Creation of Jobs through Regional Economic Development
LD 1044, HP0735
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Prosecution of Individuals Possessing a Controlled Substance under Certain Circumstances
LD 1045, HP0736
An Act To Establish the Forensic Advisory Committee
LD 1046, HP0737
An Act To Provide Immunity for Prescribing and Dispensing Intranasal Naloxone Kits
LD 1047, HP0738
Resolve, To Provide a Better Transition for Foster Children to Independent Adulthood
LD 1048, HP0739
Resolve, To Study the Effect of Insufficient Automobile Insurance Coverage
LD 1049, HP0740
An Act To Establish an Insurance Exchange
LD 1050, HP0743
An Act Requiring the Labeling of Food Packaging That Contains Bisphenol A
LD 1051, HP0744
An Act To Clarify the Authority and Responsibility of Forest Rangers
LD 1052, HP0745
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Improve Intermodal Infrastructure
LD 1053, HP0746
An Act Regarding a Retired Law Enforcement Officer Carrying a Concealed Handgun without a Permit
LD 1054, HP0747
An Act To Prohibit Enforcement by a Federal or State Official or Others of the National Defense Authorization Act For Fiscal Year 2012
LD 1055, HP0748
An Act To Create a Maine Financial Education Portal
LD 1056, HP0749
An Act To Require Local Voter Approval for Charter Schools
LD 1057, HP0750
An Act Related to Public Funding of Charter Schools
LD 1058, HP0751
Resolve, Directing the Department of Environmental Protection To Set the Motor Vehicle Fuel Volatility Level for the State
LD 1059, HP0752
An Act To Protect Maine's Environment and Natural Resources Jeopardized by Mining
LD 1060, HP0753
An Act To Address Rising Electric Transmission Rates
LD 1061, HP0754
An Act To Regulate Meteorological Data-gathering Towers in Maine
LD 1062, HP0755
An Act To Add Conditions That Qualify for Medical Marijuana Use
LD 1063, HP0756
An Act To Remove a Conflict in the Law Restricting the Sale or Purchase of Targeted Methamphetamine Precursors
LD 1064, HP0757
Resolve, To Establish the Task Force on Independence from Public Assistance
LD 1065, HP0758
An Act Regarding Patient-directed Care at the End of Life
LD 1066, HP0759
An Act To Increase Access to Health Coverage and Qualify Maine for Federal Funding
LD 1067, HP0760
An Act To Allow Certain Small Retail Businesses To Pass Credit and Debit Card Transaction Fees on to Consumers
LD 1068, HP0761
An Act To Prevent the Reduction in Adoption Subsidy after an Agreement Has Been Signed by the Prospective Adoptive Parents and the Department of Health and Human Services
LD 1069, HP0762
An Act To Provide Flexibility in the State Prevailing Wage and Benefit Rates
LD 1070, HP0763
Resolve, Directing the Department of Professional and Financial Regulation To Conduct a Sunrise Review Regarding the Proposal To License Certain Mechanical Trades
LD 1071, HP0764
An Act Regarding Qualifications for Real Estate Licensees
LD 1072, HP0765
An Act To Provide Accountability in the Handling of Affordable Housing Tenants' Security Deposits
LD 1073, HP0766
An Act To Establish Minimum Fuel Economy Standards for State Vehicles
LD 1074, HP0767
An Act To Deny Employment-related Benefits to State Employees Convicted of a Felony Involving the Misuse or Theft of Government Funds
LD 1075, HP0768
An Act To Allow Motorists To Proceed through an Intersection after Stopping for a Red Light
LD 1076, HP0769
An Act To Provide a Mechanism To Allow Certain Commercial Motor Vehicle Weight Limits and Vehicle Dimension Standards To Be Exceeded in Order To Promote Economic Development while Ensuring Public Safety
LD 1077, HP0770
An Act To Amend the Maine Clean Election Act and Campaign Finance Laws
LD 1078, SP0360
Resolve, To Establish the Task Force on the Creation of a State of Maine Partnership Bank
LD 1079, SP0361
An Act To Provide for Alternatives for the Courts To Address Settlement of Fines in Certain Cases
LD 1080, SP0362
An Act To Improve Efficiency in the Collection of Beverage Containers
LD 1081, SP0363
An Act To Establish Legislative Standing in Judicial Proceedings
LD 1082, SP0364
An Act Concerning the Ability of Off-premises Liquor Licensees To Dispense Liquor in Sealed Refillable Containers
LD 1083, SP0365
Resolve, Directing the Department of Education To Develop a Process To Provide Alternative Pathways To Learning for Certain High School Students
LD 1084, SP0366
An Act To Amend the Androscoggin County Charter
LD 1085, SP0367
An Act To Establish the Renewable Energy Feed-in Tariff
LD 1086, SP0368
An Act To Revise the Laws Governing Candidate Nominations by Petition
LD 1087, SP0369
An Act Concerning Workers' Compensation and Short-term Disability Insurance in Maine
LD 1088, SP0370
An Act To Provide Another Funding Source To Better Maintain Veterans' Cemeteries
LD 1089, SP0371
Resolve, To Allow York County To Renegotiate with the Department of Health and Human Services a Decision Regarding Transportation Services
LD 1090, SP0372
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Expand Nursing Programs at Maine's Seven Community Colleges
LD 1091, SP0373
An Act To Require Nonprofit Corporations To Disclose the Salaries of Their Employees
LD 1092, SP0374
An Act To Increase the Use of Long-term Care Insurance
LD 1093, SP0375
An Act To Clarify the Criteria of the Health Professions Loan Program as It Affects Physicians Practicing Neurology-psychiatry
LD 1094, SP0376
An Act To Ensure State Coordination and Oversight of Health Plans
LD 1095, SP0377
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Improve Highways, Bridges and Multimodal Facilities
LD 1096, SP0378
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Students Experiencing Education Disruption
LD 1097, SP0379
An Act To Allow the Sale of Incidentally Caught Lobsters
LD 1098, SP0380
An Act To Encourage Teacher Input in Education Policy
LD 1099, SP0381
An Act To Provide an Internship Employment Tax Credit
LD 1100, SP0382
An Act To Update and Revise the Laws Governing the Maine Arts Commission
LD 1101, SP0383
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Support Waterfront Development
LD 1102, SP0384
An Act Regarding Reconstruction of Residential Structures on Sand Dunes
LD 1103, SP0385
An Act To Encourage Development in the Logging Industry
LD 1104, SP0386
An Act Relating to Sales of Lottery Tickets by Convenience Stores
LD 1105, SP0388
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Revitalize Maine's Downtowns through Innovative Business Development and the Creative Economy
LD 1106, HP0775
An Act To Develop a Grant Program To Establish a Teacher-led School Model
LD 1107, HP0776
An Act To Provide a Uniform Process for the Use of Orders Awarding Parental Rights and Responsibilities To Dispose of a Child Protective Case
LD 1108, HP0777
An Act To Modify the Qualifications for a Person To Be Able To Teach Driver's Education
LD 1109, HP0778
An Act To Clarify the Maine New Markets Capital Investment Program Tax Credit
LD 1110, HP0779
An Act To Simplify the Tax Code
LD 1111, HP0780
An Act To Allow Maine's Harness Racing Industry To Compete with Casino Gaming
LD 1112, HP0782
An Act To Amend the Maine Juvenile Code and Related Statutes
LD 1113, HP0785
An Act To Provide Tax Fairness to Maine's Middle Class and Working Families
LD 1114, HP0786
An Act To Amend the Laws Concerning Parental Rights in Child Abandonment Cases
LD 1115, HP0787
Resolve, Directing the Public Utilities Commission To Convene a Stakeholder Group To Study Reimbursement for Installation of Utility Poles
LD 1116, HP0788
An Act To Amend the Attorney's Fees Provision in Foreclosure Actions
LD 1117, HP0789
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Muzzle-loading Hunting Season
LD 1118, HP0790
An Act To Amend Public Access Laws To Improve Accountability for Public Funds by Making Public the Board Meetings of Hospitals Receiving Significant State Funding
LD 1119, HP0791
An Act To Establish Superior Court as the Forum in Which Appeals of Agency Decisions Must Be Taken
LD 1120, HP0792
An Act To Improve Maine's Tax Laws
LD 1121, HP0793
An Act To Promote the Production of Maine Beverages
LD 1122, HP0794
An Act Allowing Municipalities To Enact Firearms Policies in Local Government Buildings
LD 1123, HP0795
An Act To Allow the Town of Bancroft To Withdraw from Its Regional School Unit without Penalty
LD 1124, HP0796
An Act To Provide Income Tax Relief
LD 1125, HP0797
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Expand Public Water Infrastructure to Areas with Contaminated Well Water
LD 1126, HP0798
An Act Regarding Corporate Income Tax Disclosure
LD 1127, HP0799
An Act To Establish Hospital Administrative District No. 5, a Regional Hospital Administrative District in Lincoln County
LD 1128, SP0389
An Act To Provide for Greater Public Input and Local Control in the Chartering of Public Schools
LD 1129, SP0390
Resolve, To Promote Innovation in Public Schools
LD 1130, SP0391
An Act To Create a Virtual School Managed by the State
LD 1131, SP0392
An Act To Improve Professional Development Opportunities for Teachers and Other Public School Employees
LD 1132, SP0393
An Act To Achieve Economic Growth by Enhancing Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Education and To Meet Workforce Needs
LD 1133, SP0394
An Act Concerning the Removal of Municipal Employees
LD 1134, SP0395
An Act To Allow Collaborative Practice Agreements between Authorized Practitioners and Pharmacists
LD 1135, HP0800
An Act To Provide Consistency in the Regulation of Motorized Recreational Gold Prospecting
LD 1136, HP0801
An Act To Provide State Recognition for the Kineo Band of Maliseet Indians
LD 1137, HP0802
An Act To Facilitate Veterans' and Their Spouses' Access to Employment, Education and Training
LD 1138, HP0803
An Act Related to Appeals of Disciplinary Proceedings Affecting County Employees
LD 1139, HP0804
An Act To Allow County Law Enforcement To Participate in Mutual Aid Agreements
LD 1140, HP0805
An Act To Amend the State Government Evaluation Act
LD 1141, HP0806
An Act To Increase the Sales Tax To Support Revenue Sharing
LD 1142, HP0807
An Act Regarding Correctional Officers' Retirement
LD 1143, HP0808
An Act To Develop Young Readers
LD 1144, HP0809
An Act To Further Ensure Effective Teaching and School Leadership
LD 1145, HP0810
An Act To Help Homeowners Reduce Heating Costs through Energy Efficiency
LD 1146, HP0811
An Act To Encourage the Use of Renewable Energy
LD 1147, HP0812
An Act To Protect Maine's Scenic Character
LD 1148, HP0813
An Act To Expand the Season for Night Hunting of Coyotes
LD 1149, HP0814
An Act To Establish a Rebuttable Presumption Regarding a Corrections Employee That Contracts Hypertension or Cardiovascular Disease
LD 1150, HP0815
An Act To Continue Certain Position Distributions in the Department of Labor and to Amend the Competitive Skills Scholarship Program
LD 1151, HP0816
An Act Regarding the Administration and Financial Transparency of the Citizen Trade Policy Commission
LD 1152, HP0817
Resolve, To Continue Consultation and Conditions Prerequisite to the Sale or Lease of Certain Real Property in Hallowell
LD 1153, HP0818
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Public Notices Provided by Governmental Entities
LD 1154, HP0819
An Act To Establish the Maine Length of Service Award Program
LD 1155, HP0820
An Act To Ensure the Integrity of Neuropsychological and Psychological Testing Materials and Data
LD 1156, HP0821
An Act To Update a Reference Contained in the Maine Uniform Building and Energy Code
LD 1157, HP0822
An Act To Establish the Fair Chance for Employment Act
LD 1158, HP0823
RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Increase the Length of Terms of Senators to 4 Years
LD 1159, HP0824
An Act To Address Human Trafficking, Sex Trafficking and Prostitution
LD 1160, SP0397
An Act To Reduce Obesity among Schoolchildren
LD 1161, SP0398
An Act To Ensure Regulated Safe Access to Medical Marijuana
LD 1162, SP0399
An Act To Ensure the Rights of Patients
LD 1163, SP0400
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Fund Main Street and Downtown Economic Development Projects
LD 1164, SP0401
An Act To Allow Cooperative Housing Owners Who Are Blind To Qualify for the Property Tax Exemption
LD 1165, SP0402
An Act To Improve the Safety of Workers Who Provide Direct Mental Health and Social Services
LD 1166, SP0403
An Act Regarding Records Retention by Mental Health Practitioners
LD 1167, SP0404
An Act Regarding the Maine Guaranteed Access Reinsurance Association
LD 1168, SP0405
Resolve, To Establish the Commission To Study How To Improve Maine's Transportation Infrastructure
LD 1169, SP0406
An Act To Ensure Accountability in State Contracts
LD 1170, SP0407
Resolve, Regarding the Transfer of State Property To Assist the Save the Depot Project in Greenville
LD 1171, SP0408
Resolve, To Allow Certain Holders of Lobster and Crab Fishing Licenses To Harvest River Herring for Personal Use as Bait
LD 1172, SP0409
An Act To Support the Maine Downtown Center
LD 1173, SP0410
An Act To Repeal the Law Allowing Concealed Weapons in State Parks with Certain Exceptions
LD 1174, SP0411
Resolve, To Establish the Commission To Study the Creation of a State and Federal Fish and Wildlife Museum at the Massabesic Experimental Forest in Alfred and Lyman
LD 1175, SP0412
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Retirement Benefits for Capitol Police Officers
LD 1176, SP0413
An Act To Require Health Insurers To Use One Geographic Area as Permitted by the Federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
LD 1177, SP0414
An Act To Implement the Recommendations from the Discontinued and Abandoned Roads Stakeholder Group
LD 1178, SP0415
An Act To Encourage the Use of Biofuels in the State
LD 1179, SP0416
An Act To Create the Brunswick Landing Job Increment Financing Fund
LD 1180, SP0417
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue for the Maine Community Reinvestment and Job Creation Fund
LD 1181, SP0418
An Act To Further Strengthen the Protection of Pregnant Women and Children from Toxic Chemicals
LD 1182, HP0826
An Act Regarding the Disposition of Firearms in State Custody
LD 1183, HP0827
An Act To Prohibit the Enforcement of Federal Law Placing Restrictions on Firearms or Ammunition
LD 1184, HP0828
An Act Regarding Special Education Requirements for School Administrative Units That Do Not Operate Any Schools
LD 1185, HP0829
An Act To Enhance Efforts To Use Locally Produced Food in Schools
LD 1186, HP0830
An Act To Allow Removal of Trees for Shoreline Stabilization Adjacent to Coastal Wetlands under the Natural Resources Protection Act
LD 1187, HP0831
An Act To Create the Maine Energy Cost Reduction Authority
LD 1188, HP0832
Resolve, Directing the Department of Health and Human Services To Amend Its Rules of Reimbursement under the MaineCare Program for Audiology and Speech-language Pathology Services
LD 1189, HP0833
An Act Regarding Implementation of Cost-of-living Increases for Nursing Facilities
LD 1190, HP0834
An Act To Require the Secretary of State To Issue Certificates of Title for All-terrain Vehicles, Snowmobiles and Watercraft
LD 1191, HP0835
An Act To Strengthen the Fishing Laws
LD 1192, HP0836
An Act Prohibiting Property Insurance Discrimination Based on Breed of Dog
LD 1193, HP0837
An Act To Allow a Wrongful Death Cause of Action for the Death of an Unborn Child
LD 1194, HP0838
Resolve, Directing a Study of Social Media Privacy in School and in the Workplace
LD 1195, HP0839
An Act To Protect the Privacy of Job Applicants
LD 1196, HP0840
An Act To Amend the Postgraduate Education Requirements for Physicians Who Have Completed an Accredited Residency Program in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
LD 1197, HP0841
An Act To Allow Stores under 10,000 Square Feet To Be Open on Certain Holidays
LD 1198, HP0842
An Act To Protect Earned Pay
LD 1199, HP0843
An Act Regarding Mobile Home Ownership

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